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In more recent times, thousands of seniors using sites like SilverCupid. With the growth of social media — and everyone having 2. What was not expected was the role that those approaching middle age would play in the unprecedented growth. Why does online senior dating work so well? These figures surprised and confounded the dating data scientists who collate this info. But should anyone really be that shocked? It is no surprise to learn that the world of online dating was designed to capture the attentions and spare cash of the younger generation.

ALIBABA recruits silver surfers to encourage seniors to shop online

Grandparents are more techno-savvy than ever. News ‘Silver Surfers’ taking the world by storm 8th Nov 1: With just under half of Queenslanders over 60 actively using social networks, our savvy seniors are flexing their social connectedness and proving to be more up to date with technology than ever before.

Silver Links Selected for Senior Citizens. General Sites. Aches and Pains the helpline for silver surfers (UK) Sixty & Me: for women over sixty. Third Age (US) The Woodworker’s Online Resource (US) Finding a Tradesman CEO email addresses.

He was born Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La, part of an extremely long-lived and technologically advanced humanoid race which had created a worldwide utopia devoid of crime, disease, hunger, poverty, and want of any kind. Norrin’s mother Elmar, ill-suited to this stifling environment, eventually killed herself. Urged on by his atypically ambitious father Jartran, Norrin was raised as a grimly intellectual youth, encouraged to seek knowledge, advancement, and achievement rather than the aimless hedonism which had come to dominate Zenn-Lavian society.

However, a disgraced Jartran would later commit suicide himself after he was accused of idea theft though not before he had taken a new lover and fathered another son, Fennan, unknown to Norrin. Despite his lifelong love, Shalla-Bal, Norrin grew into a restless soul who longed for challenge and struggle, immersing himself in histories of Zenn-La’s adventurous ancient past. To Save A World Norrin’s life changed forever when a menacing alien spacecraft pierced Zenn-La’s long-neglected defense systems.

Convincing a Council of Scientists member to provide him with a spaceship, Radd soon confronted the invader, Galactus , who intended to consume Zenn-La. Radd offered to become his herald and seek out new worlds for him in exchange for Galactus sparing Zenn-La. Galactus agreed, transforming Radd into a silver-skinned, cosmic-powered super-being patterned after an adolescent fantasy plucked from Norrin’s memories.

Known thereafter as the Silver Surfer because of the silvery flying board he rode, Radd departed Zenn-La with Galactus. The Alien and the Girl The Surfer served Galactus well for many years, enjoying exploring the wonders of the universe; however, it became increasingly difficult for Radd to find energy-rich worlds devoid of sentient life.

Silver Surfers and our ‘cool Granddad’ infographic

Silver Surfer looking for nurse with a purse Published: Alas, romance electronically comes with many pitfalls, even though there are many genuine, trustworthy and very nice people who are looking for love or companionship. But it seems that although more than 4, frauds of this kind are reported each year to the police, many more go undocumented usually because of the embarrassment felt by the victim, many of whom have built up a relationship with someone on line for a very long time.

Scammers can be very patient — they are prepared to wait.

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To celebrate, we’ve put together an infographic celebrating the Silver Surfer and showing why Grandpa’s cooler than many give him credit for. Just read on to see our infographic and to find out more about tech-savvy older people and what they’re doing with their broadband … Just how tech-savvy is the average Silver Surfer? Older internet users might have been dubbed ‘Silver Surfers’ because of their greying locks, but like the Marvel hero, they’re whizzing around the web at lightning speeds.

And you can see our infographic below. He’s online dating, streaming, shopping online and playing Angry Birds – and representative of your tech-savvy Silver Surfer. And we’ve not forgotten Gran … Silver Surfers aren’t just men. Loads of older women are taking to the web-waves too. Erm … eyes down ladies. And that’s not all. According to Mintel, a massive 55 per cent of older women are logging on to Facebook and Twitter regularly.

Older people and digital exclusion: According to Race Online, 8. As Plusnet is a Race Online partner, we’ve been helping to show some older first-time internet users how to make the most of t’internet and cheap broadband.

New wave of silver surfers: What they do online

Silver Surfer Online Safety We all know that we need to keep ourselves safe on the internet, but knowing how to do this is slightly harder. Trying to protect yourself from an unknown, unseen hacker who might be trying to steal banking details, or a virus that could destroy the information you have saved on your pc can be a confusing business. Passwords Work at making your password something that can’t be easily guessed.

Social Silver Surfers An Updated Look at the Attitudes of Baby Boomers and Seniors Towards Websites and Social Media (Social, Silver Surfers) – Kindle edition by Todd Harff, Erin Read. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or s: 1.

Always post a recent picture—dates will not be impressed if your photo shows a fit, lean looking individual with a full head of hair, yet you turn up with a pot belly and no hair. Stay safe when internet dating! Never get carried away with the notion of meeting new people and forget the basic principles of internet dating safety. You might assume you know how to spot a charlatan and scam artist, but the fact remains that older people are far more likely to be sucked in by a slick line in chat and some nice pictures.

Older singles are often more vulnerable and lonely, which makes them a great target for scammers, so the golden rule must always be: On the same note, it someone you have started talking to on an internet dating site starts asking for cash, for whatever reason, walk away, no matter how convincing they appear to be. Hundreds of people are scammed every year by fraudsters looking to make some easy money, and the vast majority of these victims are in the over 50s bracket.

They are typically the type who loses interest as soon as a conquest has been made, so before you become another sexually transmitted disease statistic the numbers of cases of STDs are increasing in the older generation faster than any other age group , always practice safe sex. Online dating is often more successful in those of more advanced years because this age group is less fixated on looks and more comfortable in their own skin. So if you have unexpectedly found yourself single and want to start dating again hit the internet and start surfing for a new love!

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What has been the biggest change in the online dating industry? First of all, what is a silver surfer? Slide 3 They are also now increasingly using the internet, and in particular the silver surfers dating market to find love, or at least companionship — a key word for many silver surfers.

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Chances are that you have been with the same partner for a very long time, and to then find yourself out there and looking for love is quite a daunting prospect. Relationships break down and end for a number of reasons, from the death of a loved one to empty nest syndrome and couples just drifting apart over time, but whatever your situation, there is a solution to the single life, and chances are it is only a click away. Family therapist Dr Terri Orbuch claims that dating online can be a “godsend” for over 50s looking for love, and urges people aged 50 plus to consider online dating as a way of providing another chance at love or meeting someone special.

She says that online services can allow over 50s to interact with a far wider variety of fellow singles than they would otherwise encounter during their everyday lives, and urges over 50s never to lose hope in their search for a partner, stating that it is never too late for them to find somebody. That’s absolutely not true. It is a well known fact that the explosion in online over 50 dating over the last few years has made it easier and safer than ever to inject a little romance into our lives, and all from the safety, comfort and convenience of our own homes.

Online dating and searching for love online can provide important social opportunities in busy times, but you do have to devote a bit of time and commitment to it in order for it to work properly, and make sure you manage your expectations too! It is unlikely but not unheard of, to meet your Mr or Miss Right within a couple of days so cast your net wide and don’t rule people out just because they don’t fit your requirements perfectly first time.

Remember not to judge people on first impressions, but by the same token be honest and clear about the kind of person who you would like to meet and get to know. So, the internet dating boom is out there just waiting for you but how do you go about creating that all important profile and making contact with some like-minded individuals? Choose your internet dating site with caution and be a bit discerning.

Dorset pensioners are urged to become silver surfers by going online

Jack Kirby; Created The Silver Surfer as Marvel Comic character in The everyday wisdom is that although silver surfers are catching up, the kings and queens of new technologies are the under 30s, in the main. And if, somehow, they do send an email, order something online, download a pdf file and open it…. Of course for some older people, to do that would be a big achievement.

Many fear it is all too complex for them and shrouded in mysterious jargon. However, to assume that all golden oldies are unable to master it, is wrong.

Fast servers and trouble sleeping law of crosscutting, Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site · She is also my best friend 8 Silver Surfers Dating is all about dating a 50 plus or more provides compassionate counseling services to adult and teenage clients dealing with.

Many people belonging to the older generations feel that they are just as confident and as digitally up-to-date as their younger fellow citizens. My relatives over the age of 65 are enormously engaged with new technologies, and having access to the internet is certainly not the apogee of their technological know-how. They are confident users of mobile phones, e-readers, laptops, and Facebook accounts — a grandfather, who is nearing 90 years old, is embarrassingly always one step ahead of his tech writer granddaughter.

Recent statistics released by the popular online community, Silversurfers. Internet banking is also used by millions of older people, and is as much a reality for their daily payments and transfers as it is for the younger generations. As this proportion of people dramatically rises, it would seem logical to embrace the wave of silver-surfers, as well as encouraging and supporting those people who want to become savvier.

Research has proven key differences between those in their 60s, and those in their 70s and over, which should not be overlooked All too often tech companies fail to engage with this older consumer market, and they are simply missing a trick.

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By Charlie Thomas Online dating has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years. Globally, one in five relationships now starts online and the media is full of stories describing happy marriages which started with the click of a mouse. Online dating is now so important to the UK economy that the Office of National Statistics recently added online dating to its basket of goods and services to calculate UK inflation rates.

For this feature, we interviewed more than a dozen dating websites, representing more than five million members although it should be noted that most people using a dating website will set up a profile with more than one company. Some sites also offer extra services, such as buying real and virtual gifts to send your paramour, more in-depth background checks and real-world networking events to boost the coffers.

SilverSurfers Dating – Online mature dating for over 50s.

University of the Sunshine Coast Abstract With media organisations placing increasing emphasis on online news delivery, many have argued the potential for online media to enhance democracy, by enabling increased access to the public debate and a greater ability for citizens to influence the public agenda. Within this complex paradigm of a changing media landscape, Australia’s population is ageing. As a result, understanding the needs of older Australians in the presentation and distribution of digital news is vital if we are to ensure intergenerational equity in access to public debate.

However, very little work has examined how older Australians engage with news online. Drawing on a survey of Australians aged , this exploratory study examines the preferences of participants in news engagement, the role of presentation and distribution of online news in engagement and perceived barriers to accessing news online and on mobile devices. Introduction The prevalence and impact of digital media platforms have resulted in one of the greatest changes to journalism in history.

Others have argued that the assumption that digital technology will enhance deliberative democracy does not take into account issues of media agency and power O? Donnell or the institutionalised barriers to enhanced user participation in news production, which favour professional journalism norms and traditions Singer et al As Singer et al noted, audience participation remains largely limited to those avenues that provided the least challenge to a journalist?

However, others have argued that comments have an effect on the process and structure of public communication as they reach the same audience as mass media because they are presented beneath journalistically produced articles and create conditions for deliberative interactions Springer et al Further, studies suggest that user comments are frequently read and the online news audience placed a high value on audience members?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that the median age of Australians is expected to increase from

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Primary Menu Blog If you are looking for the best online dating surgers, then you come to the right place. Sign up to meet and chat with new people and potential relationships. Senior Date site for mature people. Over 60s the fastest growing group to tap into silver surfers dating dating. Online Dating Site at. Differences in how older generation market cating ‘They are less likely to play.

Internet security and all it entails can be a confusing business, especially to silver surfers (senior citizens) who are vulnerable to attacks by malicious computer viruses and anonymous hackers.

Labelled rather patronizingly as a generation of ‘digital dinosaurs’, there are often exaggerated claims of an ever-increasing ‘digital divide’ between the old and young. A closer look at age-related technology use exposes this assumption as misleading. Whilst it is well-known that millennials are the most prolific users of technology, their senior counterparts are beginning to embrace the digital movement at a faster pace than ever before.

Technology can significantly improve the quality of later life, and seniors are finally beginning to wake up to how it is changing the face of aging. From social networking sites to fitness monitors, here we explore how modern technology is empowering the older generation to live more autonomously than ever before. Further research has shown that the use of social networks such as Facebook and Skype can be hugely helpful in reducing feelings of isolation and the onset of depression in older people.

At the click of a button, social networking sites can offer instant interaction with loved ones and friends, improving communication and facilitating greater personal connectivity in a way that hasn’t been possible before – Skype can virtually bring relatives right into the sitting room. Facilitating Independence Having the ability to look after yourself brings with it dignity, self-confidence and satisfaction.

When independence is taken away, it can be humiliating and lead to feelings of worthlessness. Not having to rely on someone else to function is crucial to both mental and physical wellbeing, but this can often become more difficult in old age. Luckily today, there is a variety of technology available that encourages independence in all aspects of later life. A great example of this is the Amazon Echo.

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Sick of being single? Fed up of waking up alone on a Sunday morning? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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Get business updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Silver surfers in Salford are being helped to get digitally connected thanks to a region-wide initiative. Older people living in Irlam and Cadishead have been embracing new the internet thanks to the iTea and Biscuits sessions being run at local charity The Hamilton Davies Trust by local employer TalkTalk.

The organisation is supporting the Go-ON UK campaign, which is encouraging a million adults who are not online to take the plunge and log on. He has been instrumental in organising and volunteering at the Trust to host and run the iTea and Biscuits sessions there helping those who have not yet embraced computers and new technology.

Each session lasts 90 minutes including a tea break, where they talk about a chosen subject and then have hands-on training for the last 30 minutes. Subjects covered include how to get online, BBC iPlayer, TalkTalk TV, how to view digital photos and send them to friends, advice on buying computer, internet safety, mobile phones, email set up and using the internet to shop as well as banking.

These sessions are meant to be fun and people can learn at their own pace. To find out more email jon. To open opportunities online, get someone to help you explore by visiting digitalskills. Like us on Facebook.

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