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Although from time to time they share their YoGPoDs’ which usually include a fan-made animation. The Yogscast are best known for their Minecraft series, where Simon and Lewis venture forth in Minecraft and explore new maps, Mods and far much more. Many people believe that the cause of the Yogscast’s success was sense of humour that Simon and Lewis hold. Although some times cold, Yogscast have the ability to make everyone laugh. Their sucess is not only due to their Minecraft series though. Although Simon and Lewis are the two main Creators of this channel. They are sometimes joined by Hannah Rutherford.

Hannah + Caff = TRUE : Yogscast

All of this, datinf I can’t say that I know either of them in the slightest personally or have any right to even say that they should be together. Hannah started working as the Public Relations Assistant in July , and later as the Operations Manager for the Yogscast, with her main jobs a reading and responding to fan mail and helping and with video production. It’s not like they died.

It’s not a big deal. As long as they are happy – that is what we all want for them both.

Watch Hannah Rutherford – 23 Pics at ! Hannah of the Yogscast.

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Are Lewis and Hannah of the Yogscast married

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Yogscast celebrates their YouTube milestone: one million subscribers. Comedy duo Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane, of Yogscast, are a modern-day Abbot and Costello. But instead of radio and TV like.

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The dynamic duo of Yogscast celebrates one million mark

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What year did Lewis write his article on Athsma: Breathe Slowly and Keep Athsma at Bay.

Please do NOT make a ship name. First of all, it was just a kiss. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t actually mean anything. You start with a cute and innocent name but then are followed with fanfinctions. I can’t believe people put Sips and I together. I mean, what the hell kinda name is Sjips!? I need something cooler! You’re upset that your name isn’t cooler rather than people putting you and Sips together? You are a very interesting person. Kim giggles and he shakes his head as if to say “Whatever.

So I won’t ship you

Lewis, Something Magical Has Occured

In their Diablo 3 unboxing, Simon can’t get the plastic packaging off Also serves as a Call-Back. Simon generally just drops these whenever something bad happens to him, Lewis, or a well-liked character during a game: Simon drops one of these in the single-player mode of Portal 2 , when he tries to smuggle the Companion Cube with him and it disintegrates.

I dont care if people facepalm when they see this comment but what is hannah to simon and lewis? Next videos. Autoplay. DIGGY DIGGY HOLE | Gmod TTT Dating App in Real LifeJubilee. 2 days ago Lewis and HannahYOGSCAST Lewis & Simon. 8 years ago. Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Level Editor Timelapsefrictionalgames. 9 years ago. Yogscast.

N – This is my first fanfiction so please comment what you think and if you have any tips. I will be taking requests, if you want to request something then please write it down in the comments. I wearily got up off of my chair and then I heard a scream. It sounded like it was coming from Hannah. Hannah was curled up in a ball in the far corner of her office.

She was crying and bleeding. I slowly helped Hannah to her feet. Hannah pulled away and looked at me in utter shock.

Is lewis from the yogscast dating hannah

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Hannah Lewis is the love internet of Matt Saunders from My Super Ex-Girlfriend.. Her story. She was Matt’s co-worker who is secretly in love with him after they work together for 3 years ago. She was dating a guy name Steve who was the underwear model.

Ex-Girlfriend Hannah Rutherford He likes to upload miscellaneous content such as mini-games and Minecraft adventure maps. He continues to release informative content with every upload. He also teams up with fellow YouTubers in order to create a knowledge sharing platform. Video uploads helped him gain Internet fame in quick time. Together they started sharing World of Warcraft boss guides. In the year , a video was uploaded. As the video garnered fame, there were many sequels to it.

Lewis Brindley was born on 22 October Thereafter he got enrolled in the University of Manchester in the years to He pursued graduation in Chemistry.

Duncan Jones (Lets Play)

I’m really proud of it. Here’s the badish part. I hope you don’t kill me They don’t start out as a couple. They have a crush on each other.

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Her role is to smooth the production process and ensure high standards of quality are maintained. Yogscast2 is the second YouTube channel of the Yogscast. The main videos posted are the popular series ‘Yogtrailers’ in which Lewis and Simon watch video game trailers, and sometimes developer commentaries if they get confused, and commentate over them. The channel also is where Hannah posts her various playthroughs and where bonus content will sometimes be added.

It has been compared to the YoGPoD due to the fact that it is mainly used to post leftover content or as Simon would say, ‘anal sausage’. It is the fifth Yogscast channel to reach 1, , subscribers. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of “fair use. None of the content in this app was created or modified by us. We are a curator providing direct access to content publicly available on Youtube. The content of this app is powered by YouTube.

Lewis Brindley Net Worth

Yogscast duncan and kim dating Want to add to the discussion? Take the time to share those with one another and instead of abandoning be sure that youre incorporating them in your relationship. She and hannah also interview game developers during these events. Caff and hannah maybe being a couple.

: LORE: The Complete First and Second Seasons: Dodger of PressHeartToContinue, HuskyStarcraft, TotalBiscuit, Gears of War Commentators LikeButtersBack & WhiteBoyBeBallin, Simon of The Yogscast, Mike of Cinemassacre, Lewis of The Yogscast, Joyce IRL, Nak3d Halo, PeanutButterGamer, Hannah of The Yogscast, Jesse Cox, ChrisCrossMedia, Schroeder of The Reviews: 1.

Old, peculiar, and still capable of kicking ass. Was this until he met Simon and Lewis, who gave him hope for facing his nightmares again. Guest Star Party Member: He also helped the Yogscast explain the 1. I Am Your Father: Jack of All Stats: Killed Off for Real: Dies falling into a load of radioactive Take Up My Sword: Younger Than They Look: He’s afflicted with a ‘Weariness’ that makes him age faster then normal. Later kidnapped by Israphel. Her role before she gets kidnapped.

So much so that she is still in distress after three seasons, and there is no sign that she’ll be rescued any time soon.

GTA again with Hannah and Lewis!

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