Anime and Manga The surface of Hellstar Remina. Not surprising, since Remina itself is an Eldritch Abomination. Also by Junji Ito , Amigara Fault from The Enigma of Amigara Fault. There are holes shaped like people in the rock surface. The holes bewitch people into climbing in, then they change shape as the people go through, warping the people hideously. Roads leading out of town take travellers back in again, roads and houses begin to line up into a spiral shape, and beneath the lake lies a twisted underworld that’s even stranger. The Manor in Noir:


Height you can approximate: Bowser possess various abilities, the more prominent of which being his fire breath. He can produce continuous flares or flurries of individual fireballs, and as seen in Paper Mario:

The Surprise Creepy trope as used in popular culture. A work has a scary or disturbing image that clashes with the tone of the work. Getting Crap Past the .

Fail to save either your wife or your son. The first Streets of Rage has two endings, the first of which has the heroes kicking ass on Mr. X and saving the city, and the other, which is only possible by having one character accept Mr. X’s offer to join him and the other refusing; the winner of the fight between the players will become the new Big Bad after defeating Mr.

Streets of Rage 3 has no fewer than four endings. Beating Stage Five on Easy has the robotic Mr. X insulting you and Zan telling you that you must try harder. If you fail to save the real Chief, the first bad ending has you fighting Shiva as the final boss, and when you beat him, Zan interrogates him to find out where Mr. X is, but he won’t talk, and the crew is at a dead end.

A bad ending where the final boss is beaten but time runs out. The bombs explode, people die, the city gets ruined, and the trust the people of the city placed in Axel and the gang is damaged. Bare Knuckle 3 attempts to soften the blow by stating that either way, nuclear war between America and Lima has been prevented.

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Metal Gear Solid V: I’m a big fan of the MGS series, but after hearing how short GZ supposedly is I decided to rent it instead and I’m kinda glad I did as the main mission is really short. I finished the main mission in 1 hr 30 mins with a B ranking my first time through and was basically taking my sweet time. Just finished this game and while I don’t think it’s as good as the games in the original trilogy it’s still a solid game and I for the most part enjoyed playing it.

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In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , the chills start when Indy gets trapped in a Stepford Suburbia filled with creepy plastic dummies it doesn’t help that it’s actually a nuclear testing ground. The next majorly disturbing moment occurs when Dovchenko gets devoured by army ants. And near the end, the terror culminates when the aliens appear and kill Spalko by psychically flooding her mind see here.

Say what you will about those aliens, but you’ve got to admit they were damn scary. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Oh, it’s a Monty Python movie. How bad can it be? Creosote , the ending with The Grim Reaper Creosote sequence is particularly noteworthy because it’s the only movie scene that Quentin Tarantino finds disturbing. The Neverending Story seems like your typical kids’ fantasy movie, but it pretty rapidly takes a turn for the creepy, with a fair amount of bizarre and disturbing imagery.

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure is Although the original The Wizard of Oz arguably qualifies because of the Wicked Witch of the West and her eerie flying monkeys, Disney’s unofficial sequel Return to Oz pulls out all the stops on the terror. Nowadays, the creepiness is probably too well known to qualify for this trope. But when Return to Oz first came out, moviegoers who hadn’t seen the marketing or trailers expected it to be more in tune with the original movie.


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We celebrate James’ birthday by raising our glasses to James’ favorite meal: But, instead of leftover food, we decided to go back and use some of our research from past episodes we never got to talk about. Longitude White Wine This episode’s cheese: For extras, including bonus content, visit the show notes for this episode at classylittlepodcast. We got to be guests on Home Gadget Geeks talking about wine gadgets!

An Insider’s Guide to Mastering the Principles of Pairing ,” which inspires us to try new wine and cheese pairings in every episode! In honor of our appearance on Home Gadget Geeks on Thursday, we’re raising out glasses to gadgets. Da Vinci Chianti , This episode’s cheese: Eastern Daylight Standard Time, we’re talking about gadgets!

Emily starts off talking about the polymath Leonardo da Vinci’s “gadgets,” including his Robotic Knight and his three-wheeled cart. James even goes so far as to “out” him!

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Depending on when you decide to do it, Vah Medoh is generally considered to be the easiest of the Divine Beasts. There’s very little you need to do before you begin the assault on the beast, the direct attack on the beast is the most straight-forward, and the puzzles for the interior aren’t quite as mind-bending as those inside the other beasts.

An unintentional case, strangely, Hyrule Castle can end up as this with the right equipment. Despite being full of various types of Guardians and siccing Lynels on you at the gatehouses , the second being a white-maned Lynel , the area is easily cheeseable with the right gear. With the Zora armor being the Game-Breaker that it is, you can swim up the conveniently placed waterfalls and skip large chunks of the dungeon.

And even without the Zora armor, unlike inside the Divine Beasts, it’s possible to climb the walls of the area, so with enough persistence and strategy, you can skip areas anyway. With the divine beast ability to launch you high into the air, you can make it to Ganon easily since he’s at the top of the castle. A handful of shrines in the game have no puzzles and no enemies: Zig-zagged in that getting to these shrines is a trial in and of themselves: Rinu Honika’s “Block the Blaze” requires zero effort if the player has the upgraded Flamebreaker armor set equipped which is extremely likely at that point in the game.

The main challenge of the shrine is to navigate a corridor full of flamethrowers, using various tools at your disposal to block the flames so you don’t get hurt. The upgraded Flamebreaker set makes Link fireproof, completely negating any negative effect that the flamethrowers would have on Link. Likewise the shrine that relies on moving blocks to progress while dealing with the threat of electrocution is nullified by having the rubber armor set. Shira Gomar’s “Aim for Stillness” also has its challenge negated with a very easy-to-find piece of equipment.

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Attack, 72 Speed, 6 Hit Points Planned moves: Step-chan’s Pokemon Platinum playthrough Spoilers and other Pokemon things. Did you know that the Japanese Pokemon anime had a few profanities in it?

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Ramy Ramy gamergate doesn’t care about gamergate it’s all about the views and patreon monies Mechenyi Mechenyi why did you lie about not saying something, johnny fox? Charmingman93 Charmingman93 ramy if i am the new kelleh, you are the new mcdermott Rather Dashing Rather Dashing Teridax is right. I’m Batman I’m Batman S4t, he fucked with your digs, bro The Vivian Project The Vivian Project yeah Kelly always shows up in people’s stream chats to try to push his personal beef, it’s annoying as fuuck.

Did that on my gaming stream last weekend. Ocin Avas Ocin Avas cov hows about you stop hiding n stream with the guy MsShadowPaint MsShadowPaint CC actually shows up on streams and talks about solutions instead of crying like a toddler axisfiver axisfiver axisfiver axisfiver take it to the UN viv axisfiver axisfiver axisfiver axisfiver are you not entertained?

I will tell the UN that someone is bothering me online.

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