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Having grown up in Eastern Europe and having returned and lived here for the past 3 years, it got me thinking about the region as a whole. I realized that most often than not, the region is portrayed as some paradise on earth instead of being depicted closer to reality. But make no mistake about it: Just like any place, it has its pros and cons. Eastern Europe has four distinct seasons. The difference between seasons is not moderate but extreme: In the north you have the Baltic Sea but the water is cold year-around. That leaves the warm shores of the Black Sea as the only viable option. Then the gruesome winter arrives. Temperatures start to drop fairly rapidly around late September or early October.

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He also thought that the Black Sea was called “inhospitable” before Greek colonization because it was difficult to navigate, and because its shores were inhabited by savage tribes. The modern names of the Black Sea Chyornoye more, Karadeniz, etc. The modern basin is divided into two sub-basins by a convexity extending south from the Crimean Peninsula. The Euxine abyssal plain in the centre of the Black Sea reaches a maximum depth of 2, metres 7,

Nov 27,  · Black Sea Port of Novorossiysk. the Sea Pontus Euxinus meaning friendly sea and recently archeologists discovered an ancient Greek trading ship intact dating back 2, years at a depth of miles since below feet is oxygen free. In fact, on the shores of Tsemess Bay were once ancient Greek grain traders.

Gunmen seize government buildings in Crimea, raise Russian flag 2. A lot of Russians still live in Crimea. There are actually three main groups in Crimea: Part of the Russian Navy is based in Crimea. Ships and subs based there are just north of Turkey and can reach the Mediterranean to influence the Middle East and the Balkans. An expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies has been arguing that the importance of the Black Sea Fleet can be overstated.

And yet Sevastopol clearly remains significant for Russia. In , Moscow gave Ukraine a good deal on natural gas, partly in exchange for Kiev extending the Russian Navy lease on the base in Ukraine. Crimea has played a vital role in world history before. Even if you don’t know anything else about the Crimean War, you’ve heard of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. It was in the Crimean War in the s that she became known as the Lady with the Lamp, caring for soldiers wounded in the war that Britain, France and Ottoman Turkey fought against Russia.

Generations of British schoolchildren have memorized a poem dating from the war:


They provide important information on the composition, genesis, and age of the deep-seated sedimentary series of the basin. Lithological description and age determination of the main rock types obtained as clasts from mud breccia were made on the basis of a study of ninety-seven samples. Depositional processes and environments of their accumulation were determined using sedimentological criteria. The sedimentary section through which mud volcanoes erupted on the western Mediterranean Ridge includes Aptian—Albian claystones, Late Cretaceous limestones, Paleogene siliciclastic rocks, and a variety of Miocene limestones and mudstones.

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Novorossiysk FIG. I MAP OF THE NORTHERN BLACK SEA REGION In , the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of The dating of the burial to the Augustan period (around the beginning of the first 1st century A.D.) is fairly secure. Paterae of the same type (Nuber f, Pl.

What are we to make of Russia’s Vostok East exercise? According to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, this latest exercise will engage some , Russian troops, over 1, aircraft, the Pacific and Northern Fleets, the entire Airborne forces, including 30 aircraft and fixed-wing helicopters, and Mongolian and Chinese troops. These forces will allegedly exercise in something approaching real combat conditions. Observers have naturally focused on the exercise’s size and scope, and on China’s participation, but there are also other dimensions.

Clearly Russia is rehearsing a large-scale war. But since Russia is not demobilising in the West against NATO and the Ukraine , Vostok will likely stress and thus test Russia’s steadily developing capability for mobilising the entire panoply of reservists and multiple militaries at its disposal, along with the civil administration.

Furthermore, since all exercises invariably parallel or contain sizable nuclear exercises, and Russia’s two nuclear fleets are participating, this represents another example of rehearsing conditions for nuclear operations. A global war likely includes nukes By virtue of being in Asia, Russia can minimise the need to alert Western observers as to what is happening and circumvent existing treaties. Therefore, there is every reason to believe, along with Russian military correspondent Pavel Felgenhauer, that Moscow is rehearsing a global war scenario along with other smaller ones that may build into that.

Such a scenario likely includes nuclear weapon use, and substantial civilian and military mobilisation targeted against NATO. The use of airborne forces also suggests that the initial period of the war will feature airborne invasions, something Ukraine must take note of as airborne operations are a long-standing Soviet calling card.

Including Chinese forces means more than signalling a lack of hostile intent or suspicion about Chinese capabilities and objectives, as occurred in Vostok In conjunction with the growing identity of their foreign policies and impending deliveries of Russia’s SU fighter, China’s presence here tends to confirm Russian analyst Vasily Kashin’s remarks that this exercise points to an open declaration of a Russo-Chinese military alliance. Moscow has previously sought such an alliance and it need not be a formal document such as NATO’s Washington Treaty to meet Russo-Chinese requirements for an alliance.

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Russian and foreign archaeologists have not yet discovered their use. Other archaeologists put the age of these megalithic structures at to 6, years old. Thousands of prehistoric megalithic monuments are known throughout the world. Some of the least known outside the former Soviet Union, however, are those in the Caucasus. These dolmens cover the Western Caucasus on both sides of the mountain ridge, in an area of approximately The Caucasian dolmens represent a unique type of prehistoric architecture, built with precisely dressed cyclopic stone blocks.

Of the coast of Helsinki, on the island of Kuivasaari (“Dry Island”), the Kuivasaari Coastal Artillery Fortress stands. Until not to long ago, Kuivasaari was a working coastal artillery fortress guarding the approaches to the capital city of Finland but the guns have now been removed from active service and the fortress is no longer permanently occupied.

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Edit The first drawings showed a supersonic aircraft strongly resembling the Hawker P. Supersonic performances would have implied many difficulties of development, and it was decided to initially develop a relatively simple aircraft limited to Mach 0. Although the Yak and Yak M were developed from the land-based Yakovlev Yak , the aircraft had almost nothing in common.

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She had a crew of 31 officers and enlisted men. Designed to reach a maximum speed of The ship only made a maximum speed of She was protected with Krupp cemented steel manufactured by Terni. In addition two license-built 2-pounder AA guns were mounted on the forecastle deck. In —26 the foremast was replaced by a four-legged mast, which was moved forward of the funnels , [4] the rangefinders were upgraded, and the ship was equipped to handle a Macchi M. Around that same time, either one or both of the ships was equipped with a fixed aircraft catapult on the port side of the forecastle.

The ship’s draft at deep load increased to

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See Article History Alternative Titles: It is bordered by Ukraine to the north, Russia to the northeast, Georgia to the east, Turkey to the south, and Bulgaria and Romania to the west. The Crimean Peninsula thrusts into the Black Sea from the north, and just to its east the narrow Kerch Strait links the sea to the smaller Sea of Azov.

The Black Sea coastline is otherwise fairly regular.

Esu vyras, 43 metai, Ieškau moters Amžius nuo 28 iki Prontiara, 43 metai, Panevėžys. Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos. Našlys / našlė. Organizatorius. Juodaodis / Afrikietis.

He was born and raised in Novorossiysk. From childhood the boy was attracted by the wide screen movie — he wanted to be an actor or even presenter. In school Jack was engaged in a theatrical Studio, where he studied acting. Later he even played in Amateur theatre. After school the young man entered the Russian state social University at faculty of social technologies, but studied there for not too long.

Then a Cousin was waiting for service in the armed forces of the country. There he not only looked at how to create a project from the inside, but also made useful contacts. In particular, he met with producer Alexei Mikhailovsky and Dmitry Troitsky, who invited the young man to go inside the famous perimeter. Jack was, for a time one, but after appearing in the show Margarita Agibalova have taken a liking to her. Soon because of a fight with Evgeny Elkinym Jack first left shows.

Returned Eugene Kuzin for telestroke repeatedly and periodically was in a romantic relationship with such actors as Lisa Kutuzova Varvara Tretyakov, March Sobolevskaya.

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