Alimony: What Do I Need to Know Before Divorce

Overview ” Alimony” is the term used in many states for financial support paid to a ex-spouse after a divorce. In Minnesota the term “alimony” has been replaced with the term “Spousal Maintenance. In some states, an award of alimony may be based on marital fault. As a result, issues such as dating, infidelity or even abuse are not factors considered in determining whether to award spousal maintenance. For a guide to Alimony in all 50 states Click Here. Minnesota, however, is a “no fault” divorce state. As recent as , Minnesota Statutes relating to awards of spousal maintenance were interpreted by the Minnesota Courts of Appeal as disfavoring awards of permanent spousal maintenance. At that time, in order for the Court to award permanent spousal maintenance, it had to find that exceptional circumstances existed warranting an award of permanent financial support. Current Law Since Minnesota Statues have been modified by the state legislature to favor permanent spousal maintenance awards when certain circumstances exist.

The Hidden Reason Child Support Is Better Than Alimony

Senate Bill was approved this month and will take effect January 1, This means changes are coming regarding maintenance, which is also known as spousal support also referred to as alimony by the Internal Revenue Service. Unlike child support, in a divorce proceeding, the judge has discretion to determine whether or not to order maintenance. In order to decide whether maintenance is appropriate, the court will weigh several factors, such as the duration of the marriage, the standard of living established during the marriage, and the income and needs of each party.

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What if you can no longer pay your alimony? From what I have read, You go to jail. That is the great American justice in the state of Florida. Not one man has ever ever ever been …relieved of lifetime alimony in this state. Amazing isn’t it, not for any circumstance. Ask a Florida lawyer if you don’t believe me. There are movements on the internet to stop this gross injustice but our lawmakers and lawyers don’t want to here it. Florida has a law that the states interest collecting money, not requiring people to work aor make them make any attempt to get off welfare or live off working people takes priority over the litigants in a divorce.

Amazing the high quality legal system we have. I don’t know about other states but in general the law will make you support your spouse no matter how much you suffer.


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Tweet After years of making regular alimony payments to their ex-spouses, many divorcees want to find ways to avoid paying alimony in the future. Depending on the terms of the divorce and recent circumstances, changes to the alimony arrangements may be possible. There are several types of alimony, sometimes called spousal support or maintenance. Some are designed to be temporary, such as support payments that give the recipient spouse time to train or get educated for a new job.

Some are more permanent in nature. If paying spouses want to find ways to avoid paying alimony of any type, however, they will have to go back to court. According to the American Bar Association , the national professional organization for attorneys, only 15 percent of all divorce cases include alimony payments. Overwhelmingly, they flow from the ex-husband to the ex-wife, although they can be awarded the other way around.

If, in dividing up the couples property, a spouse agrees or is ordered by a judge to make payments to the other spouse in one lump sum, this payment is not eligible for a reduction or elimination. In that case, the payment is then sent to the estate of the deceased spouse.

Minnesota’s Alimony Law

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While dating someone typically won’t adversely affect alimony or child support, moving in or cohabitating with someone can. For those receiving spousal support, your benefit could be reduced based if the new the new household income or resources available to you are taken into account.

Up above the world so high! I hope this doesn’t turn into a gender bashing thread, so try to keep it civil, mmmkay? I recently went on vacation with a guy friend who is going through a divorce. He’s been dealing with this for several years already and it should be final in a few more weeks, unless his soon to be ex throws up yet another roadblock. She was not in this condition when they first got married, it happened afterwards. Anyway, the bottom line is that after just about 10 years of marriage, she will be getting half his military retirement and heaven knows how much per month in alimony.

He will have to support her the rest of her life. There were a number of things contributing to their divorce, but the main one was that she was mentally unstable and emotionally abusive towards my friend. She has dragged out the divorce proceedings and pretty much wiped out any savings my friend ever had. He will be starting from scratch once this divorce is done, and will probably have a crappy credit report to go along with the rest of the mess she has caused.

So ladies, would you date a guy in this situation?

Dating & Divorce: When It May Become a Problem

However, it may not be a good idea, There is nothing in Oregon family law that makes it unlawful for you to date during your divorce. Furthermore, Oregon is a no-fault divorce state which means that your partner can not allege any wrongdoing. Or stated another way, any real or perceived wrongdoing during the marriage does not affect the division of property during your divorce. You will want to discuss this issue specifically with your lawyer.

If you do not reside in Oregon, make sure you find out whether your state has fault-based divorce or some hybrid of this.

Alimony pendente lite is alimony awarded to a dependent spouse that is only meant to continue for the duration of the case, until a final order is entered. The purpose of pendente lite alimony is to maintain the status quo between the parties as much as possible.

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Divorce in PA Info

How long do you have to pay alimony after a divorce? Is it for months, years or forever? And where do you start to find out? We hope you find this article helpful. Let us dive right into the question. Everything we write here is about California family law.

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If a man wish to separate from a woman who has borne him children, or from his wife who has borne him children: When she has brought up her children, a portion of all that is given to the children, equal as that of one son, shall be given to her. She may then marry the man of her heart. Alimony pendente lite was given until the divorce decree, based on the husband’s duty to support the wife during a marriage that still continued.

Post-divorce or permanent alimony was also based on the notion that the marriage continued, as ecclesiastical courts could only award a divorce a mensa et thoro, similar to a legal separation today. As divorce did not end the marriage, the husband’s duty to support his wife remained intact. As a result, the requirement to pay alimony became linked to the concept of fault in the divorce.

Ending alimony on divorce would have permitted a guilty husband to profit from his own misconduct. In contrast, if the wife committed the misconduct, she was considered to have forfeited any claim to ongoing support. However, during the period, parties could rarely afford alimony, and so it was rarely awarded by courts. Whereas spousal support was considered a right under the fault-based system, [8] it became conditional under the no-fault approach.

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In divorce settlements, it has always been the person who makes more money that pays alimony. It’s never been about gender.

Alimony requires that one spouse provide for regular payments to the other in order to provide for financial support. Alimony issues can prove to be quite complex, and thus, will usually require the services of an attorney. However, the following are seven things that should be known in regards to alimony: Alimony is determined individually on a case to case basis. There are various factors that the courts consider in regard to alimony, and if the factors do not substantially require alimony payments to be made, the courts will not award alimony payments.

Therefore, each state will have its own laws that regulate all alimony matters. Furthermore, the way each state calculates alimony will also differ, for certain states may give more consideration or weight to certain factor than others. However, the sex of the spouse is not supposed to make an impact as to who is to be eligible to receive alimony. Even though statistics may show that woman may receive alimony more often, such a discrepancy may be related to other factors, such as the tendency for males to receive higher incomes in the United States.

Since income is a factor considered in alimony, this may be a main reason as to why woman receive alimony more frequently than men. However, both are distinctly different, even though both court grants will involve one party making regular payments to another. However, alimony is meant to provide for the support of the former spouse, while child support is meant to only provide for the children. Both are awarded separately and determined by different factors. The actual length of time that is necessary to qualify is not necessarily included in legislation, though it can be deemed that marriages of over ten years will have a better chance of alimony payments being granted.

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